Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Alleged Hit-and-Run Accident in New York City

In September, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested in New York City in connection with an alleged hit-and-run accident. A pedestrian claims the 26-year-old hit his knee with her vehicle in an alley after she left a night club in the early morning hours. Instead of stopping, Lohan purportedly continued on to her hotel where she was later charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident. The victim, 34-year-old Jose Rodriguez, called police as well as the emergency responders who transported him to a local hospital. Rodriguez was apparently treated for a knee injury and released soon after the incident.

Because police failed to administer a sobriety test, it is unclear whether alcohol played a factor in the reportedly low speed accident. Although a representative for Lohan claims the incident was blown out of proportion, security footage of the collision could not confirm whether or not Lohan's vehicle actually struck Rodriguez.

The alleged accident was one of several recent crashes for Lohan. In June, she reportedly struck a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in California. That accident sent the star and an assistant to the hospital. Law enforcement officers are reportedly still attempting to determine who was driving Lohan's vehicle when the accident occurred. In May, Lohan was accused of hitting another pedestrian with her vehicle outside of a Los Angeles club. Prosecutors declined to file charges in that case, however.

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