Teen Driver Admits to Drinking and Texting Behind the Wheel in Fatal Montgomery Crash

A Somerset County Judge has sentenced an 18-year-old motorist to five years in prison after he admitted to causing a fatal head-on traffic wreck after drinking beer and texting behind the wheel. The Montgomery, New Jersey teenager was reportedly on his way home from a party in December 2012 when he crossed the center line on Route 206 and struck a southbound vehicle head-on. Sadly, the avoidable accident killed a 61-year-old South Brunswick school teacher and Mothers Against Drunk Driving volunteer.

According to accident investigators, the teen was likely legally intoxicated at the time of the fatal incident as his blood-alcohol content was measured at .067 percent several hours after the crash. In court, the teen reportedly admitted to consuming more than one beer at a party prior to the deadly accident. In New Jersey, motorists under age 21 are prohibited from having any measurable level of alcohol in their system. The 18-year-old was sentenced as part of a plea agreement where he admitted to vehicular homicide. He must serve at least four years of the sentence prior to becoming eligible for parole.

Data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states more than 10,000 individuals died in an accident that involved an intoxicated motorist across the United States in 2010. During the same year, more than 1.4 million Americans were arrested for driving while impaired. About 30 people are killed in a traffic accident that involves alcohol every day throughout the United States.

New Jersey is one of 35 states that prohibit texting while driving. Between June 2011 to May 2012, 81,133 New Jersey motorists reportedly pleaded guilty to sending text messages while behind the wheel of an automobile. In June 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill that doubles the fines imposed for texting while driving and allows a motorist's license to be revoked following a third conviction.

If your loved one was killed due to an impaired or distracted motorist's negligent actions, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation for your loss. Certain family members of someone who died in an avoidable motor vehicle collision in New Jersey may receive financial compensation for lost benefits and wages, loss of consortium, and their loved one's medical and funeral expenses. A quality personal injury attorney can explain your rights in more detail.

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